Monday, January 9, 2012

Selamat Taun Baru 2012

Selamat Taun Baru 2012.

puuuuu!...amat lama ruai ku tu petang.  Tersangatlah sibuk Endu Tupai semenjak dua menjak tu.  Tu pun encuri jam ngabas ruai ba upis.

Nama azam taun baru kitak wai?  Engku as usual, enda ibuh macam macam azam, azam ke lama nyau nyadi ala..kazam!!  hahaha..

But anyway, walaupun nadai berazam, tang Endu Tupai want to make it a point of not letting work taking over my life.  I have been very stressful in 2011, I brought work home and brought it back to the office undone.  I skip exercise in favour of completing my work.  But yet at the end of the day, no body die when the work is not complete.  I have been obsessed with blogs/facebook to the point of neglecting my home sweet home, my bintis/cik pots are all furry brown drowning in dust.  What's the point of buying them if you don't take good care of them? 

Went to Mama Nunut's home last weekend and saw how serene and beautiful her home is.  Her bintis are all beautifully displayed and clean!  Ahh....gave me inspiration already.

Speaking of blogs, I used to feel that I must update it as regularly as possible, must talk about the current affairs and what nots.  Well...I should read more this year and update blogs whenever I feel like it.  Ahaa..this could be my 2012 resolution.  And there's clutter to deal with at home.

Oh..well!..thought of posting cerita christmas and new year just now, but then this lunch break is coming to an end.  Maybe tonight.

Cheers.  Wishing everyone a blessed 2012.


  1. Thank you Tupai for your compliment.....we should inspire each other....thats how we get energise...he he

  2. One more thing....very nice orkid you have roses are dying...