Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Little garden

Shalom...ibuk2, tantes2 out there.....

Come and take a peek into my little garden.  My little garden is only 'sekangkang kera'. So its quite maintenance free. It's also the playground for keluarga Ola.  Rindu meda sida menyanak begagai in my little garden.  Hajat di hati kak ngaga rumah okid, but the space does not permit.  See la....maybe a mini orchid house. 

For the time being, my orchids are clinging on the palm tree branches.  I just realised that they are mostly purple in color.  The others just refused to bloom.

This one I got from Serikin many years ago.  Its a wild orchid.

Hydrangea given by a colleague many years ago.  So far I only managed to get purple flowers.  I did try to plant the pink flower.  Flowers never come out, eventually give it away.

Bought this from Kai Nguong.  Name unknown.

                                        This was kidnapped from Eastwood Valley.  shhhh...............!

Queen of Thorns (I think)

Tandok rusa

My little garden, next to my bedroom window.  I love the view but not the smell cos its also the "toilet" for Keluarga Ola.  Laleng tupai selalu mutap because of the smell.
The money plant, tek konon.  Selalu meh 'gawat'.

EtE used to have lots of plants, rumah pun macam belukar, nyamuk pun nyau begendang, due to laziness, they are either given away or just left to die.  Bisi maya minat nyak datai baru ila, penuh baru gak rumah.  The only flowers I can never grow is roses.  Dah berapa ribu lemon duit abis meli pokok rose, mati magang, guess they don't like my fingers.  So I just give up and admire enggi orang jak.


  1. hahahaha plant money,nya mesti di gantung enggau duit, baru duit selalu datai. Rose is not easy to plant, but I love your okids, laban rindu ke Okid meh, baka nn meh hajat di ati ka meh ngaga rumah Okid beteduh, tapi land concession tak mengizinkan...

  2. and mesti dihias with red ribbon kan? Some more okids waiting to bloom diak. Ila ngepos.