Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shell Centenary Dinner Celebrations

Hello blogging friends out there.  Shalom!  Please welcome me to Blogland!  After been visiting and reading your blogs, I am inspired to start my very own.  he..he..he..

So to kick start my very first post, here goes the story of Shell Centernary dinner that was celebrated last saturday, 2 Oct 2010 at KRP padang.  The theme was Party in the Park.  It was 'partying" indeed with the clowns and fire eaters roaming the fields, singers imported from KL, Singapore and abroad.  The best part was the Fireworks display.

                                                       One for the album with the clown.

                                                                 With Auntie Kesulai.

                                                                   Anak dara kami

Fireworks.  Took lots of pics but not patient waiting for the upload.

                                          Surprise!  Betemu ngau colleague nyadi volunteer that nite.

The Birthday cake.  Forget to take pics of cake cutting.  Only thinking of eating the cake.

Did not take pics of food.  Too busy eating.

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