Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back to normal

Towards the end of year, ati sigi not in opis anymore.  Semampai looking forward to holidays.  School holidays la, christmas, New year.  Makan-makan and ngabang-ngabang is always on my mind...he..he..

Come January 2011, reality sets in, here we are; Life is back to normal routine.

14.01.11  After much dilly dally, we finally set a day to clean up our workstation (paper clearing and cleaning day - nyadi Pak Tejo and Mama Urti sekejap).  Kala semangat taun baru agi membara.

Sibuk macam mana pun, tugas mesti dilaksanakan juga...

Bekeni ulih live with the mess ngelama tu neh?..I wonder.

26.01.11  After months of hibernating and have accumulated extra layers of insulation, time to go back to the gym.

Apu...pedis amai start baru.  After the session, EtE enda ulih tindok jenak laban pedis isi.  Our gym udah bisi equipment baru.  Stepper kena step aerobics.  Asai ka tanggal pala patung baru mula ngena stepper.

Ya ga di bai instructor on high impact aerobics...ka parai asai..

New addition

Ngetu sekejap mantai ke pose maut khas untuk rumah EtE.

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