Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Folkart Fever

Alauuuu.............long time no story on home decor thingy....

Have been a long time fan of folkart (loves all things english!) hehehe...  Only now Ete has the opportunity to find someone to do it for me.  I bravely befriend a lady named Affeen and she was kind enough to paint a rose folkart painting as per my request.  Her blog is on my sidebar; if anyone is interested.

Here's the finish product, proudly hanging on my front door.  More projects to come, Affeen.

Close up of the painting.

This one is on my daughter's room door. 


  1. Mama Squirrel.....very beautiful....and nice deco.

  2. he.he.he. tengkiu KS. Enti rumah nuan rindu gik nganta ke ya....mayoh endor ngidar.

  3. Oh tidak!!! *ngusut repellent enggai kena jangkit birus*..(badas amai di peda mata) hehehe

  4. Giga dia meh. ku ka enti bisi....hehehe..

  5. Hi there..TQ for the n3..next project on d way...
    Can I share the link of this n3 to my blog?