Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Mall in town

There's a new mall in town called Permy Mall.  Located in Permyjaya.  Not far from my home.  The soft opening was on 11.11.11.  That evening I went there with my family. crowd was huge.  Parking lots were all filled up.  The scene outside resembled a national day celebration.

Anyway, we managed to squeeze ourselves into the mall.

We went to Giant.

macam rojak utai di jual dito

A mountain of instant noodles.  They don't call it Giant for nothing.

Berebut meli kek

1 child was lost and found that evening.

watching 3D TV

Agi baru, mayoh meh urang nutu kia.  Udah lama ila, nya baru meda, balik balik mua kami sebilik.  hahaha


  1. panjai agi kaki ney nya nyu nambah sida suping kumpelik