Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A blessed Christmas 2010

This year our church organised a christmas eve service on Dec 24 at Mega Hotel since our own church is currently closed for renovation works.  The ballroom was packed with congregation that night; with the regular faces; not so regular faces and never seen faces.  I'm even surprised to see some people I know but never seen in Church, came along that night.

How I wish, our church is packed like this every Sunday; but 'sigh', the next time you see lots of turnup like this will be at Easter celebration.  Well, sad to say, this is the ongoing trend.

Entrance of Mega Hotel

Ibuks and Tantes

with madiks

and ipar

The next morning, Ete & family attended The christmas service at St Columbas School.  Ete & Family were asked to bring the wine & bread to the Altar; new concept ko pada Alfred.  The whole family will all walk to the altar; mum & dad megai wine & bread; anak anak, akek inek will follow behind.  
Apu!...the last time I did that was many years ago; Ete got nervous takut salah protokol laban nyau enda ingat; maklumlah always sit at the back and never really see how its correctly done.
On the christmas eve service, bisi pada Alfred madah ke papa tupai, he wants him to do something the next christmas morning.  I thought he asked papa tupai nyadi santa claus on christmas morning laban body ya cun nyadi santa claus deh...he..he..  Rupa rupa nya itu; tekanyit Ete.  After blessing the bread & wine, pada Alfred prayed to bless our family...terharu nyer... emmm... I love that concept and we were honoured to be chosen as the first family.
This year is really a blessed christmas.

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